In January 2019, YOU Boston launched its first ever Young Men’s Group, which offers workshops and training on topics and issues that impact the lives of young men the most.

The group was created following the recognized success of the agency’s existing Girl’s Group, which consists of weekly workshops and activities geared toward female empowerment and confidence building. In seeing the positive impact of this group, it became clear that a similar program designed for young men and boys could also be a beneficial opportunity for male participants.

A Young Men’s Group member practices tying a tie during a workshop on professional clothing.

Led by YOU Boston’s deputy director, team supervisors, and community partners, the Young Men’s Group has so far provided workshops on a number of subjects including; establishing values, prioritizing education, building healthy relationships, establishing financial stability, and more. While every weekly session focuses on a different topic, the central theme of the program centers on the importance of discussion, self-reflection, and building a network of peer support. In this way, the group strives to combat the stigma young men often face in talking about their emotions, and creates a much needed space for members to comfortably and openly discuss an array of subjects and issues with the support of a group.


The response from members to the first cycle of the Young Men’s Group has been overwhelmingly positive. When asked what they have learned from their participation, group members had a lot to say:

” [ I learned] don’t give up, keep moving forward. You can do whatever you put your mind into. Never forget where you came from and stay positive”

” I learned to be brave and proud of myself. It showed me that I have more power than I know.”

” It taught me to listen and handle situations differently so that the outcome isn’t negative”

” [I learned] to think five steps ahead before I do anything, and use them as everyday skills”

We are happy to report that both the Young Men’s Group and Girl’s Group have been extended into the spring, and while both groups are targeted towards subject areas related to specific genders, all sessions are open and welcoming to participants of any gender identity interested in joining.

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2019 Young Men’s Group Members