Employ a Young Person

Why Become an Employer Partner?

YOU Boston relies on valued employer partners to help us support young people in productive work and stable livelihoods. Our partners come away with significant benefits, too. As a YOU Boston employer partner, your organization can:

  • Rely on YOU to find and vet job candidates
  • Benefit from YOU’s oversight and training of young workers
  • Give back to the community by offering work opportunities to young people who need it most
  • Participate in employer recognition events with city leaders
  • Gain the financial flexibility afforded by YOU’s payment of youth wages (for transitional job partners only)

You Boston works with two kinds of employers: Transitional Job Partners & Private Sector Job Partners. Read on to learn more about each kind and to apply to become a YOU Boston employer partner.

Transitional Job Partners

We work with over 30 training partners and employers – from organizations to small businesses – who employ one young person or a small team of individuals in transitional employment.

Teams are fully subsidized and supervised by YOU Boston staff and are best suited for multi-month, large-scale community service or maintenance projects. For example, youth teams have previously worked on organic farms and built homes for those in need. Teams work 12-16 hours per week on average.

Individuals are also fully subsidized by YOU Boston, and supervision responsibility is shared between YOU Boston staff and the partner. In what is essentially a multi-month internship, youth receive support from our service team while a YOU career specialist serves as a point-person for partners. Individuals can work up to 25 hours per week.

Apply to become a Transitional Job Partner

Private Sector Job Partners

We are always seeking to expand our network of employers interested in hiring YOU Boston members for seasonal, part-time, and/or full-time work. Private sector jobs should last for at least 3-6 months, though a probationary period may be included.

Apply to become a Private Sector Job Partner

For more information on becoming an employer partner, please contact Assistant Deputy Director of Career Development Jonathan Makrez at jonathan.makrez@boston.gov or 617-541-2633.