A word from Team Supervisor Mary Doyle:

Our 2019 Mass DCR Team works out of Cochituate State Park near Framingham. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our generous partners, our youth will gain valuable knowledge and experience this summer in carpentry, construction, and painting! Our project goal for the six week program is to construct, build, and paint one hundred handicap-accessible picnic tables for state parks! I’m so glad to be supervising such a great team this summer!

How’s the work going so far?

It’s wonderful, when you go out there it’s very chill, you’re around all the trees, it’s a really cool environment to work in.”

– Terell

I find it very relaxing, physically and mentally, to be in the woods with my coworkers, I enjoy it, I love what I do.”

– Antoin

Favorite part of the job?

“The teamwork, each different group will make something different, and at the end we’ll all come together and build the table.”

– Trey

What are you most excited about this summer?

Saving my paycheck money. I’m saving up for a car.”

– Antoin

Decorating our own picnic table and benches!”

– Jonathan