Transitional Employment

Each year, we provide over 200 young people with subsidized work opportunities to develop their job readiness skills. This transitional employment is offered along a three-tiered continuum that allows young people to progress to increasing levels of reward and responsibility.

  • Pre-Placement (Level 1) is a two-week, paid intensive job-readiness training that focuses on key concepts such as decision-making, teamwork, communication, and personal responsibility. Through participatory learning, young people have the opportunity to make mistakes, learn from them, and correct the behavior. Participants work 6 paid hours per week.
  • Bridge Team (Level 2) is a meaningful group work experience provided in collaboration with our partners. In a Bridge Team placement, a small group of young people works collaboratively on a community project with an on-site YOU Boston supervisor. Participants work 12-16 paid hours per week.
  • Individual Placement (Level 3) is a paid internship opportunity for young people to work onsite with a potential employer. These placements range from the private sector to municipal agencies and non-profit organizations. Participants work 25 paid hours per week.

All young people engaged in transitional employment earn $11 per hour and receive case management services.

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