Summer Youth Employment

Similar to YOU Boston’s transitional employment Bridge Team, the summer youth employment program places young people in paid, supervised work opportunities with community-based organizations. There are some features, however, that make summer employment unique:

  • The experience is shorter and more intensive: Participants work 25 hours per week for 6-7 weeks.
  • Youth work mostly in supervised teams, but there are some individual placements.
  • Employment takes place in July and August.

YOU Boston is one of several organizations that participates in Boston’s citywide summer youth employment program. Over the potentially restless summer months, youth can gain crucial early-life work experiences, develop  job readiness skills, begin building their resumes, and experience the relationship between work and reward (at $11 per hour). Recent research shows that participation in Boston’s summer youth employment program correlates with both decreased crime and increased confidence in job readiness skills.

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