On Tuesday, March 8, 2016  YOU Boston girls who participated in the spring session of the professional development program S.E.L.F (Self Esteem Lasts Forever) gathered together with program facilitators and staff to celebrate their successful completion of the program. This was the 1st official offering of S.E.L.F at YOU Boston, after an initial pilot session ran from October-November 2015.  Due to the program’s success, 3 more 10-week sessions are slated to run through December 2016. See below for more details about the S.E.L.F program and for pictures from this year’s sessions.
Self Graduation Group 3
S.E.L.F. ( Self Esteem Lasts Forever) is a 10 week, gender specific program that focuses on the advancement of young ladies in the Greater Grove Hall area of Boston. This is a program of Project RIGHT Inc and is facilitated by Nicole N. Flynt ( Ms. Nicky) and Masika Gadson ( Ms. Mo) from Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital. With the help of other W.O.P. s ( Women Of Power) and M.O.P. s ( Men Of Power) workshops are created to help young women navigate life’s challenges by making alternative choices taught to them by various workshops.

Goals and objective of the S.E.L.F. ( SELF ESTEEM LASTS FOREVER)

1. Build a relationship with young women that are “proven risk”
2. Help them navigate through life challenges
3. Showing them alternatives ways to “deal” with the the pressures of today’s society by using the ARTs and YOGA ( just a few examples)
4. Connecting the young ladies with WOPs ( Woman Of Power) and MOPs ( Men Of Power) who are expertise on issues not limited to ; Law, Civic engagement, and Cyber awareness
5. Letting young women understand that they had a “CHOICE”
6. Sexual Health
 Assuring them that “IT’S OK, NOT TO BE OKAY”