This summer, YOU Boston served over 130 youth over the course of 6 weeks. Our summer program offered 10 different career cohorts for youth to participate in, allowing them to learn both hard and soft skills. These included previous cohorts such as Health and Wellness, Job Search, Senior Peer Leaders, Cosmetology, Barista, Culinary, Fashion & Design,  and Media Arts.  We also featured 2 new cohorts – Music Appreciation and Performing Arts!

Some Cohorts remained virtual while others were hybrid such as Health & Wellness, Performing Arts, Fashion Design. Our Cosmetology group was virtual part time and also did in person internships at local Boston salons. 

Below are some highlights from this summer!


Performing Arts – Facilitated by JC Pankratz

Our performing Arts Cohort had a fun filled summer led by their Cohort Instructor, JC Pankratz. When asked how they felt the summer went, this was JC’s response: “This summer, the Performing Arts cohort was all about trying new things and pushing ourselves creatively. As we learned more and more about how to express ourselves vocally and physically, we also tried our hands at directing each other for several short, ten minute plays. By the end of the summer, everyone had grown tremendously in their ability to speak and perform in front of an audience, as well as being certified pros at improvisation.”

Below are some photos of their activities over the summer!



Health and Wellness – Facilitated by Janet Bangura

The Health and Wellness Cohort had a summer packed with activities. The youth participants went on two field trips to the 4 corners Yoga Studio, where they were able to practice different yoga poses and techniques! They also learned the importance of self care days, and created vision boards that helped them visualize goals they want to achieve.




Music Appreciation Facilitated by Jasme Kelly

Our Music Appreciation Cohort gained a number of skills over the summer while working with their Cohort Instructor, Jasme Kelly. Youth were able to learn music production concepts, how to navigate a keyboard, and produce their own unique beats. Below are links for a few of the youth participants as youth showcased what they learned with their final projects!





Culinary Arts – Facilitated by Christina Rendon

Under the direction of Christina Rendon, youth participants in the Culinary Arts Cohort proved themselves to be master chefs by the end of the summer! They learned to not only follow recipes but were encouraged to be creative in the kitchen and to practice safety while working. Here are some creations that were made over the summer!



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