As YOU Boston has adapted its programming to the pandemic, a new Job Search cohort was created to help youth step into new employment opportunities. This cohort focuses on equipping youth with the skills they need to find a job. They learn to create cover letters, update resumes, and search for jobs on different online platforms. Led by Job Coach, Azia Gittens-Carle, so far half of the youth from the Fall 2021 have already started new jobs. 

To give you more insight on the impacts of the Job Search cohort, the Fall Program Operations Intern Adelaine Pichardo attended various sessions of the cohort to interview the youth participants.


How has being a part of the job search cohort changed you? 

“One of the things that I have experienced because of this job search cohort is a confidence boost and learning more about interviewing and applying my skills to different things. I feel like I was given the skills to edit my resume and cover letter and you know, being able to not feel so nervous about applying for a job and thinking that the worst possible thing will happen like not getting the job. I feel like I got more confident through this process.” 

“One of the many things that I realized about being in the job search cohort is that applying to jobs seems to be easier simply because of all of the resources. You are exposed to so many resources so it is very easy to use them.” 

“I just feel more assertive and comfortable. It was very eye opening for me and helped me find my way in the real world.” 


What lessons have you learned from being in the job search cohort that you see yourself using in the future? 

“One of the lessons that I learned from being in this cohort is your rights as an employee. I feel like without being in this cohort, I would just go into a job and even if I am being mistreated, I would stand up for myself but I wouldn’t know exactly what my rights as an employee are and what my boss’s rights are. I feel like this is very important to know before starting a job.” 

“Something I see myself using in the workplace and overall life in general is new communication styles. There are many different ways people communicate with each other and it is important to not only communicate with someone else but also be able to understand how they are communicating with you. You might not understand what they are trying to tell you and they might not understand what you are trying to tell them but finding that common ground can be helpful.” 

“Networking and how important that is to do.” 


What would you guys want future participants to know about what it’s like to be in the job search cohort? 

“Participate and ask as many questions as you can. I would say this is the number one thing.” 

“Don’t be negligent. You have the resources now, they are giving you all the resources that you are able to use.” 

“Being patient in the job search process. You might not get the job automatically because it takes time and in that time, you can apply to other jobs and learn the goals for each job.” 

“Study everything about the job you applied for so they will know you are interested.” 

“Don’t be afraid to get out there and get work done and be open minded.” 

“Consistent and persistent. Always ask yourself why you’re the best fit. Don’t give up. Only you are going to put the effort in your own life.” 


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