YOU Boston empowers young people from court-involved or at-risk backgroundsto succeed in the workforce, in the community, and in their lives.

YOU Boston Gets Results.


Average wage for youth enteringprivate sector employment

Youth placed in private jobswho stayed for 30+ days

YOU Boston supports young people through three progressive levels of employment – job-readiness training, subsidized employment, and private sector placement – with the goal of preparing them for sustainable, living wage jobs.

By the time YOU Boston youth advance to private sector employment, they show staying power – the result of months of intense case management, mentorship, job training, and personal growth.

And Changes Lives.

Chuckie Cosme started a new life as an apprentice in the sprinklerfitters union thanks to Operation Exit, a YOU Boston program for citizens returning from incarceration. Learn more about Operation Exit.

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Next Step for YOU Boston Youth? College.

YOU Boston is known for providing at-risk young people with work opportunities, from summer jobs to training to transitional employment. But work is just the beginning. YOU staff are continually encouraging young people to think about the next step...

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This Operation Exit Alum Turned His Second Chance into an Extraordinary Life

Operation Exit changed Devin Edwards' life. The program, which helps court-involved young people enter sustainable careers, gave Devin the crucial second chance he needed. His mentors gave him unwavering encouragement. Devin did the rest.

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Join the YOU Boston Team! YOU Boston is now hiring!

Want a job where you can make a real difference? You're in luck! YOU Boston is currently looking for a Job Developer and Retention Specialist!

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Operation Exit Graduate Featured in New York Times Magazine

"This here is a lottery ticket." That's Nate Awan's take on the Operation Exit program that changed his life. Awan, a YOU Boston member and Dorchester native, shared his story in a recent New York Times Magazine article on American workers. The...

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“Operation Exit” Graduates Celebrate their Success with Robert Kraft

Returning to civilian life after six years in the army, Edward Morgan, 27, found himself adrift in his native Dorchester. “I did random jobs. I was a driver, a chef. They didn’t last too long. I found myself getting in trouble and I couldn’t...

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My Brother’s Keeper Participant Speaks with President Obama

By the time he arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina last week, Devin Edwards had already undertaken the journey of a lifetime. Edwards, 22, grew up in hard circumstances on the streets of Boston. But as a young adult, he found a second chance...

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Summer Employment Program Celebrates Success

Graduates of YOU Boston’s summer employment program gathered yesterday with Mayor Walsh, community leaders, public safety officials, and employers to celebrate the seven weeks they spent working jobs that benefited both the community and...

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Young People Make Videos to Explore Race and Policing

While violent images on the national news expose tensions between law enforcement and communities of color, young people in Boston are creating their own images to promote dialogue. With the help of Press Pass TV, YOU Boston participants joined with...

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Professional Pathways Gives Young People a Foot in the Door

From the back of the YOU Boston conference room, Khalif McCloud raised his hand to share his thoughts. "Without YOU, I'd still be the street person I was before," he said. "Without this program, there's a lot of strife out there. It's hard." His...

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